Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) transitions into Communications Liaison

If you haven’t heard, the Public Relations Student Society of America, PRSSA, has transitioned into the Communications Liaison to include more students. Here are three major events the liaison holds for students at Simmons.


1. Communications and Marketing Alumni Networking Dinner: Every year, the club invites alumni from various fields in communications to come and have dinner with current students to talk about internship and job opportunities. This academic year, the dinner will be held on February 6, 2018 on the Management Building’s fifth floor.


2. Omnicom Visit: In the Spring semester, the club members and advisors make their way down to New York City to hear from Omnicom, an advertising agency, about different jobs within the company. After that they head to a local venue and meet with alums based around NYC to network. Job and internship opportunities come directly from this event. It is a great chance for students to expand their network and see what is out there for them.

Photo courtesy of Catelyn Kimball 

3. Workshops: The Comm Liaison hosts workshops for the Simmons Community to build their skills in building an online portfolio, a Linkedin, a resume and more! These workshops were implemented this year, so expect more to come.


To join Comm Liaison, or to find out more information about the club, email [email protected]!