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I’m continuing on with my makeup article series with my favorite lip products! I enjoy a lip product which is lightweight and lasts long. If I can feel it all day, I usually end up taking it off, and if it doesn’t last through a meal, I probably won’t reapply. Again, these are all cruelty free and affordable options. To find out if a brand or product is cruelty free, visit PETA or look for the leaping bunny symbol on the back of a product.


5) Ulta Beauty Velvet Matte Lip Crayon

I’ve never been one to buy lip crayons because I find the shape to be odd when I apply them, but the Ulta crayons are different. Rather than the small rounded point at the end like usual, these are a smaller tube all the way down. It makes it super easy to apply and line using one product and the tube lasts for a long time. I have the shade Terrestrial, a peachy nude, and I wear it for a natural looking lip. It isn’t completely matte, but it definitely isn’t shiny, making my lips look natural but pinker. This is a great product for on the go and it lasts with minimal transfer throughout the day.


4) Catrice Ultimate Dark Lip Glow 010

One of my favorite beauty trends is the pH color changing craze. Catrice offers a lipstick that looks black in the tube, but applies to your lips as a smokey pink. The color can be subtle or built up to match the look you want. This is a great cruelty free alternative to the popular Lipstick Queen products, which not only aren’t cruelty free, but are five times the price. I love a bargain buy, especially when it comes to makeup. A huge bonus of this product is how moisturizing it is. It feels like chapstick but looks super glossy and the tint lasts throughout the day.


3) Nyx Lip Liner

I don’t use lip liners too often, simply because I prefer a matte lip and they tend to bleed into my foundation less often than other lipsticks. When I do wear glossy or satin finish lips though, I always line my lips first. I have eight shades of the Nyx liner from red to pink to orange. They are soft and creamy and the range of colors is amazing. They only cost $4.00 at Ulta, so I don’t feel as bad when I buy many at once as when I do with other brands. My favorite thing about these liners is that I can wear them with lipstick on top, or simply by themselves.


2) Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipstick

This one might be a bit of a shocker, especially coming from me. I don’t usually go for celebrity owned brands. I have found that reviews are either sponsored or less truthful in fear of backlash. However, there was a sale at Ulta and I thought, why not? I purchased the shade Boy Bye and I love it. These lipsticks are definitely a little drier than the others I own, but a quick coat of lip balm before applying is all you need. I only have to do minor touch ups after I eat when I wear this and it doesn’t transfer onto everything I eat or drink. I have yet to try the Kylie glosses or metallic lipsticks, but they are definitely on my list. Based on the quality of the lipstick and highlighter I have, I have high hopes for other Kylie Cosmetics products.


1) Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick

Bare Minerals is my favorite brand for makeup, so naturally their matte lipstick is number one on my list. I prefer the mattes to the lacquer, simply because I prefer mattes in general, but I find that they all perform the same. I use the shade Swag for a natural color and Swank for something a little more edgy. My favorite thing about these lipsticks is their scent. They smell identical to brownie batter. These last all day with no touch ups, even when I eat burritos or burgers. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a higher end nude lipstick.


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Julia Hansen is a senior at Simmons studying PR/Marketing Communications and English with minors in cinema, media arts, and graphic design. When not writing for Her Campus, she can be found reading every book she can find, retweeting photos of dogs and binge-watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Find her on IG @juliarosehansen