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The beauty world is full of variety, with more formulas, target uses, and packaging options than ever, and the same development goes for fragrances as well. Solid perfumes have been on the rise for the last few years, and I firmly believe that they reign supreme to other types of fragrance applications and that everyone deserves to give them a try, whether you’re loyal to a signature scent, a fragrance connoisseur, or a casual wearer (or new!).


1. Sustainability

Since packaging for solid perfumes require less glass or plastic than its liquid counterpart and are often refillable, fragrances in solid form can be more eco friendly than sprays.


2. Ingredients

Two major differences between liquid and solid perfumes is that solid perfumes are made without alcohol, which make them a great alternative to those with sensitive skin irritated by the alcohol content in sprays. Next, solid perfumes are made with a wax and oil base, which is hardened to allow the fragrance to become solid. Many solid perfumes also don’t include musks, which are extracted through deer and takes another step towards responsible manufacturing without harming animals.


3. Lasting Scent and Control

Because solid perfumes are made without alcohol, the scent is more concentrated and it can be applied directly to skin. Whether you hate walking into a cloud of other people’s overpowering perfume or accidentally end up being the one producing the perfume cloud, solid perfumes offer more control with direct application.


4. Travel Friendly

In its solid form, solid perfumes are perfect to bring around with you, whether you’re worried about the case breaking or liquid spilling in your everyday bag or want to bring a fragrance with you through TSA. 

Ranging from brands like Jo Malone and Chanel to more affordable options from Lush and Pacifica and everything in between, solid perfumery is on the rise and can be guaranteed to find a perfect match for every scent and price point. Smaller independent brands can be found across Instagram and Etsy or can be made yourself from tutorials on Pinterest!

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