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To my ex:


I hope you are well. I hope that school is not too hard and your grades are good. I hope you have an amazing support system of friends, family, and maybe a significant other. Whatever it is, I hope you are thriving.


I know we are both hurting from our breakup. Almost three good years of a relationship was one of the most difficult things to end. I understand that. But we moved on and lived to tell the tale.


Sometimes I think I’m ready to move on, other times I think I’m still struggling. I wanted things to work out between us but they never did. We tried, several times, yet no avail. Both of our hearts became so tender when we began year three that it took so much extra effort to make things good, so I thought it best that we go our separate ways. I know this isn’t what you wanted. I know you saw us having a future together, even if we were half a country apart. You were there, I was here, and even as our relationship began to crumble we knew we couldn’t survive the distance. 


When we attempted to reconcile this summer, we thought it would be good but we reopened wounds that we shouldn’t have. It was obvious you were still healing, but you thought I wasn’t. The truth is I was, and I still am. You asked me why I did what I did, and I told you honestly: that I needed to be selfish. I needed to do what I believed was right for me, even though what was right for you wasn’t the same thing. When you left my house that day, I think weights were lifted off of our shoulders, and I’m proud of us for talking again. 


Moving on isn’t supposed to be easy, especially when something you care about so deeply is ended in an instance. What is important, however, is that we both realize how much we learned from each other through this process. I know I have, and I hope you have to.


For now, I hope you find somebody who loves you more than I ever could. You deserve that. You are an amazing person, just not the one for me. 


Thank you for helping me to grow and learn. 


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