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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

1. Arrive EARLY

Leave your apartment, dorm, or house early – especially if you are relying on public transportation! The T is always running late! Worst comes to worst, you get there early and have time to go buy a coffee and bagel!


2. Bring Lots of Snacks

Working for 8 hours a day can be draining, especially when I can barely make it through an hour and a half class! Have lots of food to snack on, so that you never go too hungry or get hangry!

3. Ask Questions

It is okay to ask questions to get confirmation on an assignment, especially if you are confused! Being an intern does not mean you have to know everything or that you have to try to work out everything yourself. Your supervisor will be thankful you asked and happy to answer. I suggest writing down their answer, so you have it in the future!


4. Take Off Your Laptop Stickers/Case

It is always a good idea to take off your stickers, especially if you work in a professional setting. It’s also a good idea to use a reusable water bottle that also does not have stickers on it.


5. Remember it is Okay Not to Like the Internship

Internships are all about learning. Learning what you like to do, what environment you want to work in, and more. Not liking an internship is just as valuable as liking an internship.


6. Advocate For Yourself

If you need some extra help with a project or an assignment, speak up! It may be scary at first but your supervisors hired you for a reason and they want you to have a good experience. They were once in your shoes too!


7.  Take It Easy!

At the end of the day, when you get home from your internship, it’s okay to feel exhausted. Remember to take time for yourself. Listen to some music or watch your favorite show on netflix. It is a good thing to rewind because you don’t want to burn yourself out. If you work a full week at your internship, take the weekend to do your laundry or tidy up your space. It’ll make the week go by a little smoother.


8. Lay Out Your Outfit The Night Before

Picking out what you’re going to wear to your internship the night before is a great way to unwind for the night. Making sure that it’s all ready to go before you go to bed, allows you to have a un-rushed morning. You can get a few extra minutes of that much needed sleep!


9.  Get Enough Sleep!

The most important thing is to listen to your body. If you need to get up early to get to your internship, try to get to bed a little early. You want to make sure your mornings aren’t rushed and you’re prepared for your day.


10.  Have Fun and Learn!

Being in a new environment with new people can be incredibly nerve=wracking. It’s good to always ask questions and take notes when needed. You were hired as an intern for a reason! You’re doing great.


Devon Tice

Simmons '20

I am a junior at Simmons University, majoring in Marketing and Management. I spend most my time in the pool, at the mall or exploring Boston!
Kat Reidl

Simmons '20

my name is kat and I am a current junior at simmons universiy! I am studying accounting and arts administration. I love spending my time in art museums and curating the perfect spotify playlist.