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How a Nerdy Background Translates to Career Success

Whether it’s Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, or anything in between, nerd culture is everywhere. The nerd identity and culture that used to be something to hide is now mainstream – some of the biggest blockbuster movies and best-selling books were once obscure with nothing more than a small cult following. Whether you are a casual viewer or a hardcore fangirl, your blogs, viewing parties, or cosplay can lead to massive career success.


           Whether you are setting aside an hour per week to watch a show, creating fan art, or spending hours on message boards, spending time in nerd culture takes passion. While it may seem that companies are looking for people with certain skills, HR professionals are looking just as much for loyalty and enthusiasm. Employee turnover can cost a lot of money. Companies want to find employees who will be devoted to the company and stay with them for three to five years, because training an employee is an investment and it costs companies money. By waiting months or sometimes years for a new movie or episode and still tuning in to learn the next part of the story, you have demonstrated dependability and passion that is very desirable to employers.


Detail Oriented

           The number of Easter eggs, or hidden clues and jokes, in nerdy movies and TV shows is astounding. From Pixar to Marvel, they are everywhere and if there is anyone who is going to find them, it is a nerd. The ability to search through source code of website to find clues about an upcoming video game or pinpoint the references to the next Marvel or Pixar movie in each scene you watch means you are very detail oriented. Easter eggs can be as small as a picture frame in the back of a scene, and as a nerd you are the one searching every frame. When you are at work, this same attention to detail will help you tremendously, no matter the job. Being able make sure every part of the final product is perfect is something that can make you stand out among other employees and help you gain trust with your employer. Being able to look not only at the big project at work as a whole but pay attention to every piece going into it is an extremely valuable skill that will take you far.


   Your nerd identity may seem like a hobby for your spare time, but in reality you are developing beneficial traits and skills that can take you far on the path to success. You are becoming passionate and detail oriented. You are growing more accepting and inclusive of all different kinds of people. You are preparing for an epic quest. These are all things that you can take from sitting watching the newest superhero movie and apply to your daily life at work. You might look like Diana Prince, but you know you’re Wonder Woman.


Emily Cole

Simmons '19

Emily graduated Simmons University in fall of 2019 with a bachelors degree in Public Relations and Journalism with a concentration in radio and social media. During her time at Simmons, she was also a content writer for the Simmons University chapter of Her Campus! When Emily is not thinking of her next article topic, she is working on her radio show on The Shark: Simmons Radio, exploring Boston, or binge-watching the latest nerdy show on Netflix. Find Emily on Instagram and Twitter at @emilycoleyeah
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