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How to Be Productive Taking Classes Online

Print Syllabus:

Print your syllabus before the start of the semester and highlight all of the important dates, exams, homework assignments, etc. This way you have a physical overview of what the semester is going to look like


Planning System:

This can look different for everyone. Some people like using a digital calendar, some like a physical planner, and some just like having a to-do list on their phone. Find a system that works for you so you do not forget about anything during the semester. 


Prioritize Your Space:

Working from home can be difficult especially if you are in a household that is noisy or doesn’t have a lot of room to spread out, but try and find at least a corner of your house that you can strictly use as your workspace. It’s important to try and not do work on your bed because it doesn’t allow your mind to separate work from sleep/relaxing. 


Do Not Disturb Mode:

Put your phone on do not disturb when you are trying to work. You can change the settings on your phone so if someone really needs to reach you for an emergency they still can. Also, block distracting sites on your phone and computer so you are not tempted. There are a bunch of different applications that make this easy to do. 


Give Yourself Breaks:

No one can stay productive for hours on end so it is important to take little breaks every so often to stretch, relax, and just give your mind a break. In the end, these little breaks will allow you to be more productive. And you can always set timers so you don’t take too long of a break or get distracted.

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