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Going Home for Spring Break: The Best and Worst

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

Disclaimer: This article is based on my own opinions and feedback I have received from friends. I acknowledge that the content will not apply to all people and their experiences at home. Also, this article was written before Coronavirus caused many Universities to be shut down. This article is not intended to minimize any of the challenges currently being faced by students.

Worst: Traveling

The worst part of spring break–in my opinion–is traveling. Some people are fortunate enough to be a short car ride away, but most college students must rely on more extensive means of transportation. Before we can even think of relaxing, many of us must juggle luggage, go through TSA and sit on long train rides. Traveling can take up a whole day of your spring break and only adds to the stress of emotionally drained college students.

Best: Getting Home

After the horrors of a long train or plane ride, there is nothing better than dropping your luggage and falling into your own bed. College students are all too familiar with thin school mattresses and being at home means SLEEP! Your childhood home may look smaller when you walk through the door, but it still holds your bed.

Worst: Being Away from Friends

It can be challenging going from constantly being around friends to being alone. One of the best parts of college is the opportunity to live with your peers. Someone is always there to grab a meal or go on an impromptu adventure. Even when you’re sitting in bed watching Netflix you can always take a pause and share a joke with your roommate. At school you are constantly surrounded by your friends and you never have the chance to get lonely.

Best: Being Away from Friends

I love my friends, but by the time spring break rolls around we are all usually ready to kill each other. As I mentioned before, one of the best aspects of College is that you never have the chance to get lonely. However, this also means that you never have the chance to be alone. Take this time to relax and be on your own. Light all those candles banned from your dorm room and indulge in some self-care.

Best Overall: Cuddling Pets!!!

“Love you mom and dad, but where is the dog?” These are words that I am sure many of us are familiar with. For many of us, the best part of coming home is the chance to cuddle with our furry friends. Whether you’re a dog or cat person, spring break brings the opportunity to be with your pets. They love us unconditionally and we would do anything for them!

Amanda Perry is a Junior at Simmons studying English and Communications. When not writing for Her Campus, she can be found looking at cat photos, reading, cooking, binge-watching Netflix or being goofy with friends. She is still recovering from the final season of Game of Thrones and is always on the search for the next great TV series.
Julia Hansen is a senior at Simmons studying PR/Marketing Communications and English with minors in cinema, media arts, and graphic design. When not writing for Her Campus, she can be found reading every book she can find, retweeting photos of dogs and binge-watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Find her on IG @juliarosehansen