Gift Basket Ideas For the Holidays

If you are a broke college student like I am, the holidays can be tough. You want to show your friends you care, but don’t necessarily have the money to drop a huge chunk of change. You may even feel all hope is lost.


Have no fear! Here are two gift basket ideas all under $10 for the holidays.


The Movie Night Pack

It is a classic, and it is something that you can do and use together. Below are examples of what you can purchase with prices. These bucket recommendations come to $9.79 total! Try adding the phrase, you butter me up to the pack to make it extra sweet!



The Hot Chocolate Mug

The weather outside is frightful, but hot cocoa is delightful! Everyone will love the personal spin on this hot cocoa mug. This can easily be switched out for coffee as well! Only $7.46 for this option, plus you can save some of the leftover candy canes and marshmallows for other gifts.



I hope these help you on your gift buying venture! Remember, it is always the thought that counts.