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Five Ways to Save Money at Target

We all love our target runs. We can buy everything need (and usually more).

However, there are ways to enjoy them just as much without burning a hole in your wallet.


1. Target Cartwheel

Target Cartwheel is an app from Target with the intention of helping you save money. With the app, you can find out what’s on sale every week. Even better, you can scan the items you put in your cart in the store to find out if there are any coupons or special offers that go along with the items you’re purchasing.


2. Check your receipts

It is not uncommon for Target to provide new coupons and deals on your receipts. So instead of throwing them out right away, read them to see if they have anything to offer!


3. Wait to go to Target until you need to buy at least three things.

The more you limit your random shopping trips, the less likely you will be to buy random things off the shelves that you really don’t need.


4. Bring reusable bags

Did you know that Target gives you a discount for using reusable bags? It’s only 5 cents per bag, but it adds up! Also, its environmentally friendly, which is never a bad thing.


5. Target RED card

Target has two types RED cards: credit and debit. With either card you receive 5% back from your purchase. Because not everyone is ready or wants a credit card, the debit card is a great alternative. It take the money directly from your bank account, so you can’t spend anymore money than you have.


In the end, there are no disadvantages from trying to save money. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to treat yourself, why not save some cash along the way?



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