Dear Simmons First Years

Dear Simmons First Years,


So, you have unpacked your pillows, you have found the quickest way to class, maybe you have even tried the coffee at Common Grounds. Now what? With no more parents, much less structure and the whole city of Boston in your backyard, starting college can be really overwhelming. Just three years ago, I was standing where you are now. I was trying to make friends and have fun, but at the same time I was absolutely terrified. I felt like I had been thrown into “shark infested” waters with nothing but a pair of arm floaties.


But in the the three years since then, not only have I learned to swim, but I have become one of those Simmons Sharks. So I thought I would pass down some words of wisdom so that you too can find your fins.


First, know that everyone else is just as freaked out as you are. Even if it looks like everyone has their life together, they are usually just hiding the panic. Don’t be afraid to let your nerves show, and it is not weakness to seek support when you need it - it’s strength.


You will hear a lot of people making a big deal about “Simmons University,” whether that is the administration showing it down your throat or the upperclassmen who won’t stop complaining about it. Other than having to look at a… questionable new logo, the name change won’t really affect you. Just focus on getting acclimated to Simmons, no matter the name.

Don’t be afraid of the upperclassmen! All of us are excited for you to be here and we are happy to chat. A great way to meet other students of all years is to join one of the many organizations on campus. Make sure to check out the Connections Carnival on September 12 at 3:30 p.m. to find out more about how to get involved and to possibly find some new friends.


But, speaking of new friends, the beginning of college is a lot of new. New home, new classes, new city, new people, almost new everything. And that can be really overwhelming. Make sure to take breaks and self care, whether that means a cup of tea or a quiet night in. Make sure you don’t get swept up in the whirlwind of your first semester and forget to eat or shower or just in general take care of yourself, because your wellbeing is the most important thing.


Finally, and ironically, my last piece of advice is that a lot of people will give you a lot of advice about how to “do college,” and you don’t need to listen to it. There is no “right” was to “do college,” and it will take some time and trial and error, but you will find your place here. Take a deep breath and jump in - the water’s fine.


Yours truly,

Emily, a Simmons Senior