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COF Schools as Parks and Rec Characters

1. Simmons College: Leslie Knope

Simmons students are ambitious and fun-loving, just like Leslie! They love to empower each other and might enjoy their Bartol waffles almost as much as Leslie does.

2. Wentworth Institute of Technology: Ron Swanson

Wentworth, like Ron, can seem stand-offish at times, but truly cares about its fellow COF schools. They are the bacon to the waffles of Simmons, in the breakfast meal called the COF schools. 

3. Wheelock College: Jerry Gergich

We all like to make fun of Jerry sometimes and we might forget to say goodbye when he retires (leaves us for Boston University).

4. MassArt: April Ludgate

We all know who MassArt students are, but we don’t really know what happens over there.

5. MCPHS: Tom Haverford

Permission to call MCPHS the Massachusetts College of Pharm-Pharm and Healthy ol’ Sciences?

6. Emmanuel College: Andy Dwyer

Emmanuel brings such a fun spirit to the Fenway, just like Andy Dwyer does to the Parks and Recreation team.

All of the Fenway schools are a part of the same team, even if we forget to realize it. The Fenway wouldn’t work, if we all stood apart. Like the Parks and Recreation staff, we are a unit!


Gifs courtesy of GIPHY. 

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