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Cheap Spring Break Bucket List


Let’s be real, many students have little to no money over Spring Break. You want to have fun and enjoy your week, but also don’t want to break the bank. Here are some of my ways to have a fun and inexpensive Spring Break!



– Go for a hike

– Take a walk on a trail or on the beach

– Go for a bike ride

– Do some yoga

– Watch the sunset

– Go to the beach

– Find a park

– Fly a kite

– Go sledding, which probably will happen if you live in New England

I prefer to go to different trails. One to get my workout in, but also to enjoy the scenery! Great inexpensive way to get active and do something over break.


Around the House

– Rearrange your room

– Decorate around the house

– De-clutter a room

– Read a book

– Cook a meal

– Bake some cookies

– Organize the kitchen or pantry

– Game night

– Host a Netflix/ movie night, or enjoy it by yourself

– Find a DIY project on Pinterest

– Do some karaoke

A typical Saturday night with my boyfriend is basically cooking a meal, or buying pizza if we are a little lazy, make some cookies, and watch a movie. A great, inexpensive way to have fun while cooking yet enjoy the night at home.


Around the Town/City

– Go on Facebook and find free events

– Look for festivals around the area

– Museums can be free with a student ID

– Go to the zoo

– Go for a drive (I love doing this on a rainy day!)

– Visit a state park

– Go to a pond or beach

– Drive-in movies, super cool to do!

– Visit the library

– Mini golf 

– Bowling

I literally check Facebook everyday to see what events are going on near me and usually there is many free things to do that I tag along to. In Boston, there are many deals to go visit museums and parks especially for college students.

When in doubt, try to hang out with friends or try to make a road trip! You can come up with your own inexpensive ideas on the fly!


Just a small town girl trying to make a big impact.
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