Bringing on the New Decade

As we enter this new decade, we enter it full of excitement for what lies ahead of us, and maybe a little bit of anxiety for what it holds. For most of us, this will be the decade where our lives really start. We will graduate from college, get the job of our dreams, start grad school, and maybe start a family. We will finally start fulfilling our life long dreams. The efforts we put in the last decade will become fruitful in the form of our success. 

I don’t know what anyone else has planned for this new decade, but I know what I have planned. I plan to graduate college, start grad school, travel the world. I want to meet new people and try things I never dreamed of doing. I plan to spend more time working on my physical and mental health. I want this decade to open up new doors of self exploration and self improvement. Not only for my own sake, but for the people around me. I want this decade to give me the opportunity and skills to help change the world around me, even if it is at a small scale. I want to teach myself that even small victories mean something and can be celebrated because those small victories will lead you to even bigger victories. 

For everyone reading this, I hope everything you plan for this year, and the next decade, comes true. I hope you can get through all the hardship this decade will bring and still come out successful. I hope we all come out of these next 10 years better, and happier, than we entered it.