Boston Schools as Parks and Rec Characters

Our favorite event of the semester is finally upon us... Parks and Recfast! If you like breakfast food (and who doesn't?) make sure you order to hit us up here for all your breakfast needs, delivered right to your room! Weds, Marck 27, 8-11pm on Res Campus - don't miss out.

To celebrate, let's rank all the the best residents of Pawnee as Boston schools.

  1. 1. Ben Wyatt - MIT 

    Because brains, and model trains 

  2. 2. Andy Dwyer - BU

    Because they throw the best parties (frisbee plates and surprise weddings, anyone?) 

  3. 3. April Ludgate - Berklee College of Music

    Because they're way too cool for us, and they definitely know it

  4. 4. Tom Haverford - Emerson

    Because they're both a little extra, and they also know it 

  5. 5. Ann Perkins - Emmanuel 

    Because she's a beautiful tropical fish 

  6. 6. Jerry Gergich - UMass Boston 

    Because they're great and all, but sometimes we forget they exist 

  7. 7. Orin - Mass Art

    Because... well, we don't really know what's going on there

  8. 8. Mark Brendanawicz - Wheelock College

    Because... wait, where'd Mark go?

  9. 9. Chris Traeger - BC 

    Because the prep - and the vegetable loafs

  10. 10. Jean-Ralphio Saperstein - Wentworth

    Because he's a "pickup artist and baller"

  11. 11. Ron Swanson - Tufts

    Because they're off the grid, and you can't get better than off the grid  

  12. 12. Leslie Knope - Simmons

    Because we stand up for what we believe in, never take no for an answer and... waffles