Boston Colleges As Characters From The Office

Every college in Boston tends to attract people with a certain personality. This gives each school a unique and special make-up that can also be seen in characters on The Office! Like Dunder Mifflin, this diverse collection of people is what makes Boston an interesting place to be a student in!


1. Simmons College: Jan Levinson

Simmons students are empowered and on the path to success, just like Jan. Only some of us are just as crazy as she is though.


2. Wentworth: Todd Packer

Just like Todd Packer, the Wentworth students know how to have a good time, and try to be very “friendly” with the local girls.


3. MCPHS: Gabe Lewis

Like MCPHS students, Gabe is very smart and good at what he does, but is a tad on the serious side, and often gets forgotten about.


4. Emmanuel: Angela Martin

Like Emmanuel students, Angela is preppy, smart and religious. She knows what she cares about in life (in this case cats), and I find that very admirable.


5. MassArt: Ryan Howard

Ryan is the office hipster, always up on the latest trends, and an artistic visionary- as he showed with the website he created. While Ryan can be a jerk sometimes (all the time), he still has a lot of talent and vision just like Mass Art students.


6. Wheelock: Toby Flenderson

Wheelock is definitely the Toby of Boston. No one really gives them any attention, and they’re often made fun of even though they’re nice and hard working. Like Toby, they’re even getting replaced (by BU)! I wonder if they’ll ever come back from Costa Rica like Toby did.


7. Boston College: Andy Bernard

Like Andy, BC students are very proud of where they go to school. Just like him, they’re also very preppy and energetic to a fault.


8. Boston University: Kelly Kapoor

BU students, just like Kelly, are fun and friendly, but can be crazy at times.


9. Northeastern: Michael Scott

Michael, just like Northeastern students, has a lot of pride for his organization. He loves to have fun with his friends/co-workers and considers his community a family. While they both sometimes take things a little too far, It’s all about pride for Northeastern and Michael.


10. Suffolk: Dwight Schrute

Much like Dwight, the students at Suffolk are very serious and business focused. They aren’t looking for the frills of a super involved or sporty campus, but they take pride in their school all the same.


9. Berkeley: Robert California

Like Robert California, Berkley students are confident, often aloof, and have done all sorts of questionable things.


10. Emerson: Pam Halpert

Like Emerson students, Pam keeps to herself and is very creative.


11. Harvard: Oscar Martinez

Like Harvard students, Oscar is highly intelligent and NEEDS everyone to know that. He thinks he’s right about everything and always feels like he’s the smartest person in the room.


12. MIT: Daryl Philbin

Daryl is driven and ambitious like the students of MIT, but also like them he knows how to have fun when he needs a break.


13. UMass Boston: Creed Bratton

Creed and UMass Boston are both kind of the odd man out- the weird one in the bunch. They both don’t really have much to do with everyone else, they just kind of do their own thing on the side.