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Best Breakfast Spots Near Simmons

Breakfast food is superior to all food, and not to mention, the most important meal of the day (or so they say). In the spirit of the upcoming breakfast fundraiser (Parks and Recfast) for Simmons’ Her Campus chapter, here are some of the best places to grab breakfast near Simmons College:

1. Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes

This small but trendy breakfast spot is less than a 10-minute walk from the residential campus. It offers a variety of not only sweet, but also savory crepes. The minimalist and youthful vibe is very millennial-esque, which makes it perfect for your Instagram feed.



2. Thornton’s Fenway Grille

Thornton’s feels like an updated diner with a bar. If you want to get brunch with your friends, this is the perfect spot. From fluffy waffles to Eggs Benedict, there is something for everyone on the menu. The cozy atmosphere and home-style food offers a kind of comfort that’s hard to come by in urban areas.

3. Pavement Coffeehouse

This is a favorite among college students for both its coffee and for its studying spots. If you want a decent seat to dine and do your homework, be sure to arrive on the early side. There are a lot of unique breakfast sandwiches to choose from, which includes vegan options. This place also has major hipster vibes, so don’t forget to wear your beanie and ironic t-shirt.


4. Blackbird Doughnuts

Even though it’s only been around for a few months, Blackbird has already established itself as an expert in doughnuts. You can choose from light, fluffy brioche doughnuts or ultra-sweet cake style donuts, which includes a delicious cinnamon bun doughnut. The staff here is also really friendly and helpful, which makes coming here all the more pleasant. I personally enjoy the cherry cobbler donut:



5. Bruegger’s Bagels

Even though it’s a chain, these New York style bagels are hard to resist. The bagels here are far superior to other chain store bagels (sorry Panera). And if bagels aren’t your thing, there are a variety of breakfast bagels to choose from.


Photos courtesy of Haley Verre and gify.com

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