Ask Andi: Helping Your Homies


This week, we have a submission from The Phoenix who writes:

“How do you help your friend go through something when they don't even know they are going through it themselves? I've noticed my friend has been struggling lately and has seemed sad, but they haven't said anything. How can you help without seeming completely overbearing?”

Well Phoenix, firstly props to you for realizing your friend is “off” and wanting to help! Here’s what I recommend:


  1. Plan to meet one-on-one with your friend and talk it out. Hopefully if they’re off, they’ll feel comfortable enough to talk it out with you.

  1. If they don’t want to talk, do not push them to. Offer a hug.

  1. Be supportive with whatever they’re going through, even if you don’t get to talk to them just offer your support.

Hopefully, your friend feels better and you’ll be able to successfully reach out to them!


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Much love