The Angel in The House

The Trump presidency has been cluttered with firsts. The recent government shutdown is no exception. Hundreds of thousands of hard working Americans had to work without pay because of a colossal temper tantrum. Thirty-five days and two paychecks later, the government has reopened for three weeks.

The battle began in December. Democrats offered Trump $1.6 billion to fund border security such as repairs to the fence already there and security cameras, but no wall. Trump refused to budge; he wanted $5.7 billion to build a concrete barrier -- throughout the shutdown, the ‘wall’ evolved into a steel fence (what is already in place) not to mention that Mexico was supposed to fund it. Throughout the shutdown, Democrats voted nine times to reopen the government with various conditions that focused heavily on Dreamer protection. The final offer was almost identical to their first offer, but with absolutely no money towards the wall. With polls showing that Trump’s and the Republican Party’s approval ratings had tanked and lack of staff at major airports, they caved. Thirty-five days for nothing.

House majority leader Nancy Pelosi emerged as an unwavering force in Washington. She didn’t back down from her republican naysayers nor did she show signs of weakness. Her composure was impeccable and it’s clear that she is committed to fighting for Americans and Dreamers. Pelosi was respectful and firm in her demands; if she had backed down, the loss would be substantial to the country. Her most defiant move was delaying the State of The Union Address in the name of the unpaid employees that would have to be working there -- something that has never been done before.

Pelosi was a modern Angel in The House. She was loyal to her home - guarding it with her life: she loves with love that cannot tire. But she didn’t have pardon in her pitying eyes for Trump’s petty games. Pelosi stood firm in every low blow and ignorant travel cancellation. She called out Republicans for scorning federal employees that went to food banks. As she pointed out, not everyone has a father that will support them. Pelosi put the American citizens first - something which her peers seem to have overlooked in their job description. Although she may not be the traditional Angel in The House, maybe Virginia Woolf would approve of this one.