Adventure on a Budget: Toronto, Canada

When we think of Canada, a few things come to mind: maple syrup, hockey, snow, and of course Quebec. But with super cheap flight options to Canada’s most populated city––Toronto might just become your new favorite spot north of the states! Toronto is a massive urban location located along the beautiful Lake Ontario. Along with an aesthetic skyline, Toronto has loads of natural beauty from rivers to ravines, forests and more. As a longtime destination for global immigrants throughout history, Toronto is also a major hub for diversity today.


Dates: November 1, 2019 - November 8, 2019


Flight Cost: $217

For just fifty dollars more than a new set of Airpods, you could fly roundtrip out of Boston to Canada’s beautiful Toronto! Both the arrival and departure flights are non-stop and timed perfectly in the afternoon so there’s no need to make the early morning commute to the airport.


Housing Costs: $189


For just $29 per night, these hosts offer you your own bright, bold, and superbly decorated bedroom and bathroom. This one-bedroom Airbnb is located just blocks from Lake Ontario, and is walking distance from several small villages such as Little Portugal, Parkdale, and Little Tibet. Even the subway station is a mere five-minute walk from your doorstep! And this is just one place of many, if you’re looking to get a little closer to Toronto’s downtown area, there are tons of Airbnb options up for grabs.


Transportation: $42

Public transit costs in Toronto are actually quite similar to those in Boston. One-way tickets cost around $3, so depending on how often you need to get from here to there, you can save some serious cash. With just four lines, the subway system itself is fairly easy to navigate you to your destination. One Tripadvisor review boasted that the attendants were very helpful and “the ride was clean, comfortable, quiet and quick. Very impressed, 10/10!”


Food: $178  


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Meals in Canada will likely be similar to slightly more expensive than in the United States. One Toronto meal calculation website, estimated that breakfasts are around $7 on the low end, lunch around $10, and dinner, more in the $15 range. Given that this column is all about saving money, we can lower some of those average prices by home-cooking and the occasional coffee/croissant breakfast to cut some corners. As far as must-try Torontonian foods go: poutine, a peameal bacon sandwich, and a solid cup of joe should certainly be on your list.


Excursions: $140 

Toronto is home to the tallest freestanding building on the continent, known as the CN Tower. Tickets for the sky-high views are a tad steep at around $30, but visitors would argue that the experience is priceless. Other fun day-trips include the Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma castle, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the Art Gallery of Toronto to name a few. Average ticket prices for museums and galleries range from $15-$30, so pick a few you like, but be sure to save a couple of days for some free walking around the city and getting to know the locals too!


Total Estimated Cost: $766

As usual, this number is just an estimate to give you an idea of what you could spend on a trip to Toronto keeping a budget in mind. There’s always room to spend and save within your spending-savvy lifestyle, so never think of the total cost as a contract! Exercising your freedom to experience the world need not be a costly one; As Roman philosopher, Seneca, once said, “travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”