8 Signs You're the Charlotte of Your Friend Group

A while back, one of our CC's Alyssa Williamson wrote an article titled 6 Reasons You May be the Miranda of your Friend Group... and Why That's a Good Thing. As both Senior Editor and fellow Sex and the City lover, I thought it was great. But I couldn't help but wonder... what about us Charlottes out there?


1. You’re quite a romantic


Okay, you’ll admit it, you’re not a hopeless romantic, but a romantic. When it comes to relationships, you’re the least cynical in your group, no matter what.


2. But being a romantic is tiring

Your search for the perfect partner feels both physically and emotionally exhausting.


3. You get a little carried away in your daydreams


Relationship or no relationship, you have a Pinterest page filled with everything you wish for in your future (monogrammed initials TBD).


4. You rehearse what you want to say in your head


...and it usually comes out pretty dramatic. Charlotte’s “I curse the day you were born,” practiced for months before she saw Big again? Iconic.


5. You’re a little gullible


You may have learned by now that it’s better to not look up your symptoms on WebMD, or you’ll be convinced you have cancer in about .5 seconds.


6. You can be known to overreact a bit


But you overreact because you care (or at least that’s what you tell yourself after texting a crush 15 times without a response).


7. You’re a catch

Okay, so you’re not exactly modest all the time, but this means you simply won’t settle in a relationship! When Charlotte told Bunny MacDougal she was worth a million bucks, she meant it.


8. You’re loyal, and your friends are your lifeline

After some, shall we say, character development, you do still believe that your perfect match is out there somewhere. But, you realize how important your friends are, because maybe your soulmate is really someone you get brunch with on Saturday mornings.



If you love Sex and the City, but some of the jokes that could pass in the late 90's make you uncomfortable now, I have the perfect solution. The brilliant minds behind the Instagram account, @everyoutfitonsatc has created the meme #WokeCharlotte, and frankly, it's perfect. For example:

And even better, Kristin Davis ( the actress who played Charlotte) is totally on-board.

All images courtesy of Pinterest. All #WokeCharlotte memes courtesy of @everyoutfitonsatc.