7 Secret Study Spots at Simmons

1. Beatley Library Study Rooms/Tables

What better place to study than the library? Beatley library has study rooms you can book online for up to 3 hours, per person. Perfect for upcoming exam days and you can even use the whiteboards to practice. The study rooms vary in size, so you can choose if you want to study by yourself or with a group. If you don’t like the closed-in space feel of a study room, use the library tables and sofas to get work done. The tables are equipped with lamps for extra lighting and each table has a charging station.

2. School of Management

All your favorite study spots taken? Adventure to the School of Management! There are study rooms on the second floor as well as sitting areas on the third and fourth floor of the building. My personal favorite are the rooftop tables which are perfect for getting a little sun and learning at the same time.

3. Empty Classrooms

Recreate the atmosphere of taking a exam or quiz inside a empty classroom, where you will feel attentive. These are also perfect spots for having a study session with classmates!


4. 24-Hour Library Quiet space

Need absolute silence to ficus? Use the the 24-hour, 7 days a week quiet space located outside of Beatley library. The cubicle desks create a hyper-focused atmosphere and eliminate any distractions possible. Amazing space for getting work done and being productive.


5. Residence Lounges and Computer Rooms

Too lazy to walk to academic campus? Stay on campus and visit the residence hall lounges and computer room to get work done not far from your room. They are perfect for late night studying.


6. Myers Cafe and Common Grounds

More of a cafe kind of person? Why walk that far when you can go to the Starbucks on campus, or even get the cafe feel at Common grounds. Fresh coffee and pastries are served all day, for the perfect combination of studying and snacking.

7. Student Success Center

Visit the newly-built academic center located on the first floor of the Lefavour Building. With cool colors and designs, it gives the atmosphere for a clean and modern learning environment. Along with tables and huddle rooms, the writing center and tutoring center are perfect places to visit for help with assignments and school work.

Happy studying!


All photos are courtesy of Simmons University.