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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

1. RENT your books! Don’t buy them!

Why buy your books for insane bookstore prices when you can buy them used, or rent them for half the price or less? Amazon offers a wide array of textbooks for much cheaper, you can even use your free Amazon Student Prime account to get 2-day shipping. Connect with upperclassmen on the Simmons University Free & For Sale Facebook webpage, where you can find your books and get great tips on classes. Or even use the Simmons library reserve, where you can borrow textbooks for up to three hours.

2. Connect with your advisor

Have a million questions about your major, classes, or schedule? Drop by your advisor or schedule an appointment! Your advisor is here to help you with anything, from school to time-managing or even personnel issues. They are a open book to help you succeed! Establishing a good connection will make it easier for your advisor to help you plan and reach your goals.


3. Develop Relationships with Classmates

Find friends with similar study habits as you! Having friends with the same work ethic as you can lead to a positive impact on studying and focusing on succeeding in a class. Start a study group or even come up with game and fun ways to study together.


4. Sit in front of the classroom

Eliminate distractions! Distractions come in all forms, such as your laptop, classmates, talking, and even sitting in the back of the classroom. Sitting in the front of the classroom will force you to focus on the lecture and not wavier your attention on what’s going on around you. It also shows your professor that you are interested and in class to learn attentively.


5. Find your secret study spot

Can’t study in your room? Hit the Simmons University library, it offers computers, textbook checkouts, even comfortable couches to study on. If you want something even more quieter, try the 24-hour Simmons quiet library study. Another study hack is to use empty classroom with whiteboards to create a more attentive atmosphere. Or even book a study room online in School of Management or Beately Library.



6. Snacks to Go

We all get hungry while studying, so bring snack on the go while studying. It helps to take frequent breaks while studying or refuel your energy with your favorite snacks.


7. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

Going to class feeling unprepared is the best way to not do well. Prepare your assignments well before the class, even take notes or read the chapter before lectures to help get a better understanding. That way you can easily answer questions and attentively follow the lecture while impressing your professor!


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