7 Buzzfeed Quizzes You Need to Take

Looking to kill some time and procrastinate that paper? Here are some buzzfeed quizzes to help you.


1. Which Cereal Are You?

An important question.


2. Which Melancholy Vegetable Are You?

Tag yourself. I’m pensive broccoli.


3. Are You Good Enough For My Son?

I’m definitely not.


4. Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On The House You Build For Yourself?

I’d like one large house, please.


5. Can You Spend More Than $10,000 at Anthropologie?

I mean, yeah, if you give me the money.


6. Which “Friends” Character Are You?

This one is just a classic.


7. We Know When You’ll Get Engaged Based On Your Chipotle Order

If you’re lonely and love Chipotle, this one’s for you.