6 Must Try Foods in Paris

If you ever get the opportunity to travel abroad, do it. Not only are other cultures truly fascinating but the food is absolutely to die for. I have yet to travel to a country that had subpar food, and France was no exception. These foods are my most recommended after spending a week in Paris with a well-versed French speaker.


1. Escargot

Photo credit: Trip Advisor

This food is an absolute classic when it comes to Paris. Even if you’re not totally into the idea of eating snails, I promise they’re absolutely better than you think. They’re really just chewy lobster in a decadent garlic and butter sauce.


2. Pain Au Chocolat

Photo credit: Sprinkled With Jules

The translation of this is basically a chocolate croissant. During my spring break trip, I must have eaten half my weight in these fluffy chocolate-filled masterpieces. The flakey buttery crust adds a little salty and the chocolate a little sweet. Such a perfect morning or midday snack with coffee.


3. Gallettes

Photo credit: Duncan George

These savory crepes are made with buckwheat flour, butter, cheese, egg and a meat of your choice, typically ham. After the first bite, I wasn’t too sure these were for me but they quickly grew on me. These will certainly be something I crave in the near future!


4. Charcuterie Board

Photo credit: Yelp

If you’re as big of a cheese fan as me, this is totally the way to go. These boards come with meats and cheeses, often of your choosing. The tiny meat cleavers are adorable and when paired with wine, you’ll be thriving!


5. Baguette

Photo credit: Pinterest

Who knew a single euro could buy such wonders? This bread is made fresh daily at every bakery and goes with almost everything. One of my favorite ways to eat it is as a ham and cheese sandwich. They add butter to almost everything in France, and this ham and cheese sandwich was no exception. Ahh, I love carbs.


6. French Onion Soup

Photo credit: Trip Advisor

It makes sense that in France they’d make the best French onion soup. I think it’s the cheese that makes it so special, or maybe the bread? Regardless, French onion soup is one of my favorites and I truly have not had better than in Paris.