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5 Ways to Utilize the Career Education Center

Simmons College’s Career Education Center creates opportunities for students to best showcase their skills and experiences in the form of a internship or job application. They can take a second look at your resume, but also a mentor that can help you reach your career goals.


Here are 5 ways to utilize this great resource on campus!


1. Sign up for the online job platform, Handshake!

Handshake is like a baby LinkedIn. It has you layout all of your past experiences and skills to help see what your strengths are. Not only this, but it allows you to search jobs and internships that you would be a good fit for! Sign up at simmons.joinhandshake.com!


2. Make an appointment

Whether it is preparing for an upcoming interview, a job application, or your future career, the Career Education Center is here to help you! When I was applying for an internship, I went through the whole process with them, and it made my application stand out above the rest. I first went over my resume and cover letter for the internship. Then when I got a call back about an interview, I set up a mock interview to prep my answers to fit what the internship was specifically looking for. It made me feel calm and prepared for anything that came at me.


3. Go to an event!

Have questions about using your Simmons experiences to land a job or internship? Have questions about the field you are going into? The Career Education Center holds tons of events that can help you with just that! Its new event series Career Chats creates opportunities for students to learn from other students and alumni about how they got their internship/job, or what classes to take at Simmons to keep you on the right path towards your career goals!


4. Use the handouts!

The CEC has tons of handouts to help you with anything from what to wear to an interview to what to say during your elevator pitch. Don’t only take the flyers, but use them to your advantage! They are great practice and advice before you go through the job application process.


5. Follow them on social media

To stay updated on the latest news from the CEC follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! They post on events coming up and also new job postings from the Handshake app!


If you want anymore information on the CEC, visit www.simmons.edu/cec.



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