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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

I am an unashamed romance book lover. I usually read them over the summer to relax my brain from the grueling school year; now that COVID-19 has completely turned my life upside down, I deserve to read a good romance book and so do you. Romance is a tricky genre–it is very difficult to write correctly and most of the time the books are horrible. So, I’ve done the dirty work and found the books worth a read. Here is a list of 5 of some of the best YA romance books out there. 


1. Starry Eyes, Jenn Bennet

As far as I’m concerned, Jenn Bennet is the queen of romance. Her books are authentic, heartwarming, funny, edgy, intimate, and modern. She is a fantastic writer as well and her books are addictive. Starry Eyes is about two ex-best friends Zorie and Lennon that get stranded together in the wilderness. The two not only have to survive the wilderness, but also being around each other. Old crushes start to surface…

2. Alex, Approximately, Jenn Bennet

Movie geek Bailey, “Mink,” has been talking with Alex online for months about their love of films. Bailey has a crush on him, but he lives on the West Coast while she is on the East. When Bailey moves to California, she starts falling for the irritating, but handsome Porter even though she still has a crush on Alex. Bailey is conflicted on who to pursue and if she should reveal to Alex that she’s in California…

3. Serious Moonlight, Jenn Bennett

Narcoleptic Birdie has lived a very sheltered life off the coast of Seattle. She takes the night shift job at a famous hotel and meets the charismatic bus driver Daniel. Birdie loves mysteries so when Daniel thinks that a famous writer is meeting someone at the hotel they work at, they start to investigate. Daniel and Birdie have a genuine connection, but is she too scared to get out of her shell and pursue him? 

4. When it’s Real, Erin Watt

Another fantastic author is Erin Watt. The work is interesting, addictive, and very sexy. Check out The Royals series if you like this book. Vaughn Bennett somehow ends up agreeing to be the fake girlfriend of the bratty Oakley Ford. Ford needs an image overhaul and Vaughn is the perfect, ordinary person who needs money to help her family. The two detest each other, until they don’t. 

5. My Life Next Door, Huntley Fitzpatrick

A beachy romance perfect to help you escape this dreary time, Samantha Reed falls in love with her neighbor Jase Garrett. They live totally opposite lives and Samantha’s politician mother would not approve of Jase so they have to keep it a secret. Their lives are altered when the unthinkable happens and Samantha must make a difficult choice. 


Honorable Mentions: 

Freshman, Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

– Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon 

– This is What Happy Looks Like, Jennifer Smith

– A Totally Awkward Love Story, Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Landline, Rainbow Rowell

– Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell


And if you’re looking for a series: 

– Twilight series

50 Shades of Grey series

– The Mortal Instruments series (and anything else by Cassandra Clare)

– The Royals series


Happy reading!


Sara Getman

Simmons '22

Sara is a current Undergraduate student at Simmons University, majoring in English and double minoring in Journalism and Political Science. She was the head editor and political writer at her high school newspaper and dreams of being a journalist some day. She is a junior editor for her Her Campus chapter and a radio host for Simmons The Shark radio. She's a musician, cat lover, artist, writer and obsessed with reading (especially Cassandra Clare.)
Julia Hansen is a senior at Simmons studying PR/Marketing Communications and English with minors in cinema, media arts, and graphic design. When not writing for Her Campus, she can be found reading every book she can find, retweeting photos of dogs and binge-watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Find her on IG @juliarosehansen