3 Artists to Check Out for Unique Room Decor

Your dorm is your home until you decide to move off campus. Might as well make it as bad-ass as you can! Instead of choosing stereotypical wall art from department stores, look into art work from passionate artists all over the world. Good decor will last you years from your start in a dorm hall to the day you move into your first apartment. Here are some places I recommend looking into!


Savvie Studio 

Instagram: @savviestudio

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SavvieStudio

Savvie Studio is centered in Denton, Texas. The owner, Savannah, designs, laser cuts, and assembles various wood work in her house. The art ranges from geometrical wall hangings, handmade jewelry, to my favorite--air plant hangers. If you’re looking to spruce up your room with a fun nature display, invest in a small plant and one of these gorgeous plant hangers. Best thing is, the air plants are low maintenance and a fun way to bring outside energy to your room.   



Instagram: @wallknots

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WallKnot

WallKnot is located in the United Kingdom and specializes in creating intricate and bohemian macrame wall hangings. Much of their business goes to creating large, magical wedding backdrops but they also have small peices perfect for room decor. Macrame hangings are an elegant addition to an empty wall. WallKnot even has a variety of earth and jewel tones to choose from so your decor will pop off of Simmons’ white walls.  


Good Bones

Instagram: @_goodbones

Good Bones is centered in Portland, Maine (my hometown) where animal skulls like bulls, sheep, and deer are humanely repurposed with beautiful illustrations, colors, furs, and tile-work. Though Good Bones has a small following and only an instagram, the work done is meticulous and breathtaking. Have a skull at home? Good Bones can repurpose if they're originally from Maine or New Hampshire. These skulls make a unique and gutsy edition to any dorm or apartment.