23 Reasons Why the Class of 2023 Should Join Their HC Chapter

Welcome class of 2023! As you get settled into your first year as a college student, you may be interested in joining on-campus student orgs and clubs. Joining your Her Campus (HC) chapter is a great way to get to know people and help to create an amazing college experience.

Her Campus is an online magazine written by college students for college students at over 340 campuses nationwide. Our goal is to publish at least 7 articles a week throughout the school year, and we need your help to accomplish that goal.

Not persuaded yet? Here’s 23 reasons why the class of 2023 should join their HC Chapter.

  1. 1. Creating a community

    As the incoming class, it is important to feel as though you have a solid group of people to hang out with, talk to and just to know! HC is a close group of some pretty awesome people that you will get to know very well!

  2. 2. Free stuff

    A huge part of HC is our partnerships with brands and businesses, which means free swag! Her Campus National sends us HC “Survival Kits”, which are packed full of fun beauty, school or snack products. Score!

  3. 3. Writing skills

    Love to write? The biggest aspect of HC is the writing for our online magazine, so we have some great ways to sharpen your writing skills. Writing is an essential part of being a student, so why not make it a hobby? You may surprise yourself with how good you are.

  4. 4. Cool events

    Every year, HC not only is invited to numerous events throughout the whole year—we also host some! We want as many people from our chapter to go to these events, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people, get some free swag and visit somewhere new. Some of these events include College Fashion Week, Her Conference, and the one we host twice a year: Parks and Recfast: a late night breakfast delivery fundraiser!

  5. 5. Internship and job opportunities

    HC Headquarters is right here in Boston, so that means we work with them directly to make sure our chapter is following all guidelines. That also means we can create relationships within HCHQ and be the first people to learn about any internships or job offers within the HC community.

  6. 6. Social media likes and followers

    We take social media very seriously at HC @ Simmons, meaning we post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all the time. We love to follow back and like all your posts, so make sure you follow us at @hercampussimmons on Instagram and @HCatSimmons on Twitter. Search Her Campus at Simmons on Facebook and like our page!

  7. 7. Boost your resume

    Obviously, future schools and employers love to see a well rounded resume, and when they see that you have amazing writing skills and can see some of you work online, you’ll definitely nab that job. If you join our eboard, you’ll have even more things to pack onto that resume!

  8. 8. Parties = free food

    Meetings, parties, gatherings, whatever you want to call them, we always have some sort of snack, no matter what! Oreos are a staple, but we will always take snack requests. Sometimes you just need to take a break from homework on a Sunday night and come chill and eat with some cool people.

  9. 9. Stress relief

    Writing has so many benefits not only academically, but also personally, especially by relieving stress. Sometimes you just want to put your feelings onto paper, and HC allows you to do that. It’s also helpful for other people to know they are not alone in their life experiences.

  10. 10. Time management

    I know that writing for HC can take time away from school work, but, again, it is a great way to relieve stress and help with managing your time wisely. Balancing writing an article or a meeting with school work can definitely help you plan and stay on track with all that you need to get done.

  11. 11. Writing about what YOU want

    My absolute favorite part of writing for HC is that our writers can write about whatever they want, and the options are limitless! You get to pick a topic that is meaningful to you and that you want to share with the world. Plus, we always have availability to do columns and/or anonymous publishing!

  12. 12. Expanding ideas/knowledge

    Not only can you expand your knowledge by writing, but also by reading what your peers and fellow writers have to say. I have learned so much in my year at HC at Simmons just by reading others’ articles. Plus, we always have access to other schools’ websites, so we can read articles from them too.

  13. 13. Inclusivity

    Her Campus strives for inclusivity in all ways, even if we're labeled as “Her” Campus. All are welcome to join our chapter, no matter how you identify! The best part is that, as mentioned before, you can write about whatever you want, and we want to educate our readers, so all articles related to inclusivity are welcome, because we want to know your story!

  14. 14. Instagram!

    Not only are we fans of Instagram itself, we love creating some insta-worthy photos so you can show all your friends how awesome Her Campus is. We love taking pictures and empowering others to do so, so there are plenty of photo-ops at our events.

  15. 15. Friends

    HC meets twice a month, so (hoping you’ll make it to every meeting!) you will get to meet and know so many cool people from all kinds of majors from your school. You may even meet your best friend, and even if you don't, you’ll have an amazing group of people that you will get to know and love.

  16. 16. Learning from others

    Because you’ll meet people with a variety of majors and minors within your school, you get to learn so much and explore other education, class and career options. It has been so fun learning about the tracks my peers are on, which classes to take, and which professors to steer away from.

  17. 17. Sister chapters

    HC loves to pair up with other local HC chapters to host or attend events or get-togethers. It is so fun being able to meet other HC members from across the area and learn about opportunities at other schools.

  18. 18. Leadership

    There are lots of leadership opportunities that come with HC. We love leaders, in fact. Ways to get involved, however, including joining our Eboard or even applying to be the next co-Campus Correspondent. Plus, how good does it look on your resume?

  19. 19. Letting your voice be heard

    Again, HC is about writing what you want to write about, which means you can take this chance to let your voice be heard on subjects that are important to you. HC does a lot of advocate and empowerment work, so it’s priority that our writers feel safe in expressing who they are and what they want.

  20. 20. Networking

    As you get closer and closer to graduation, it is extremely beneficial to have a solid network of people you can contact in order to receive information on internships and/or employment. HC offers you plenty of invites to network around the community. It’s great to get involved!

  21. 21. Educational benefits

    Writing can have so many educational benefits, but learning from others is probably the most rich and fulfilling education you can receive. By meeting people from all different backgrounds or by reading about others' experiences, you can discover new ideas you never expected to.

  22. 22. Getting to know Boston

    We love to get out and about in the city, and assuming you may be new to the area, joining your HC chapter can really help you get to know Boston and all of the best places to visit while you are a student. Plus, you’ll learn where all the best deals are like student or rush tickets for Red Sox games, which museums you can get in for free, or where the best study places off campus are.

  23. 23. Fun

    Being part of any club is fun, but not as fun as Her Campus! We are a stellar group of amazing people who love having a good time. And we want YOU to join in on the fun.

Come to our first meeting of the semester on Sunday, September 15th at 7:30 pm in Arnold Hall first floor lounge. We can’t wait to see you there!