10 Reasons You Need To Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 15

Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, enters her 15th season with Grey’s Anatomy which will air on September 27. We can never truly predict what Shonda Rhimes might do to these characters. Even with uncertainty here are 10 reasons why you need to watch this season.


1. Teddy is pregnant with Owen’s baby! We are all excited to see Owen become a father, but what will happen to Amelia’s new relationship with him because of it? The drama in this love triangle needs to be seen to its end.

2. Meredith might actually find love. This powerful woman, doesn’t need a relationship to be happy, but we all want to see her move on from Derek.

3. We have to find out if Alex moves away from Meredith. Her dark and twisty person, might just be gone. What will Meredith do, or will Alex actually leave?


4. Maggie and Jackson relationship is just the beginning. Who knows where they could end up this season.

5. What is Miranda Bailey going to do now that she isn’t chief? Do we see an award in her future?


6. Don’t forget about the new interns! We need to know what drama will unfold with them next!


7. Let’s not forget who’s coming back this season, Thatcher Grey. How will Meredith’s relationship hold with her father when we haven’t seen him on a season in years!


8. Meredith’s relationship with Amelia is finally solid again. We can’t wait to see what the trio of Meredith, Amelia and Maggie will accomplish next! Hopefully, there will be a few dance parties.

9. With Station 19 completing its first season, we can expect more guest appearances from Warren and the gang.


10. Who knows when the last season will be, but if this one is the last, better to watch just in case!