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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

The Simmons College Dance Company (SCDC) is the all-inclusive organization on campus for dancers new and old to come together to share their passion for dance in a safe and empowering environment. Find out why over 60 students join each semester, and why you should join, too. The list is endless, but here are the 10 best reasons to join SCDC:


1. Continue your passion

Transitioning to college can be difficult; we often have to leave many things behind. Dance shouldn’t have to be one of them. Emily (’21) says “Coming to Boston was a scary experience for me. It was the first time I was alone and away from my small town. I was afraid of falling behind, being home sick, and not fitting in. But all I needed was dance; it’s what calms my stress, makes me happy, and encourages me to get tasks done. When I went to the first events of SCDC, I was so genuinely excited to have a group I could possible fit in with. After those first rehearsals and bonding events, I knew I had made the right decision. I joined a family and this family encourages me, cheers me on, and always acknowledges my presence around campus. I made the best decision joining SCDC.”





2. Try something new

SCDC is an all-inclusive organization, and no dance experience is necessary to join! All dancers who come to our semi-annual auditions are invited to join the company. Nicole (’20) says “I always kind of dreamt of dancing, but never had the opportunity. Then, even when I discovered SCDC I felt I wouldn’t be able to do it. But thanks to the encouragement of my dancing friends, I finally joined. And it was wonderful! From the most experienced member of the company to other first-time dancers, everyone was so supportive and friendly.”



Photo by Jack Tan


Even if you have danced before, there is always an opportunity to try something new! Many dancers use their time in SCDC to try a new style. Kaelin (’20) says “I have been a tapper my whole life; and while I am grateful to continue that, I am also excited because SCDC has allowed me to try hip-hop and lyrical. It was my way of pushing myself a little outside my comfort zone each semester.”



3. Dance in a no-pressure environment

For many of us, dance in high school unfortunately came with things like drama, dance moms, and unnecessary stress. SCDC is a completely student-run organization, and it is part of our mission statement to “provide Simmons students with a safe and inclusive space to continue their growth as dancers and movers while in college.  We aim to create a nurturing environment for the arts by promoting a variety of dance styles, allowing experimentation with movement and encouraging members to take artistic risks.” Instead of competing, we perform once a semester in front of a supportive audience of family, friends, and Simmons community members. Kalei (’20) says “In high school, I was on a highly competitive dance team/pom squad/drill team/color guard. The understanding was that if you didn’t uphold the workout regime, diet, community service schedule, were sick or injured, show up for practice at 6:45 am, or so much as had one eyelash out of place (forget a hair, or God forbid, a misplaced dance step!) you were failing your teammates. On SCDC, I’m glad to say that my fellow dancers are still my best friends, but they could care less if I did any of these things. In fact, they are more likely to bring me food to lower my stress levels! We may not hold national titles or professional accolades, but we have dancers who, whether their dance experience extends 20 years or 0, love the art. It is not just a stress-free atmosphere; it is a stress relieving atmosphere, and a group I am proud to be a part of.”


Photo by Jack Tan


4. Stay connected across campus

As the largest student organization on campus, you will always see a friendly face eating at Bartol, sitting in Common Grounds, or sweating with you at Zumba. Sunnie (’20) says “I love seeing other SCDC dancers around campus. It always puts a smile on my face and brightens my day when I need it most.”


5. Branch out into the Simmons and Boston community

SCDC always loves collaborating with different organizations across campus to introduce dance to new people. In fall 2017, we had a blast teaching a dance workshop to 70 young girls as part of the Simmons Strong Women Strong Girls (SWSG) field trip day. Kelly (’19) said “it really empowered me to see these girls so engaged in expressing themselves through dance.”

In spring 2018, we were invited to perform at the New England’s Best Showcase, held at Boston University. Dozens of routines from area colleges and universities gathered to celebrate dance and the hard work we do as collegiate dancers each year.

(If any organizations are interested in working with SCDC, please email us at dance@simmons.edu)



6. Be a part of Simmons history

For decades now, SCDC has been a main feature of Simmons’ annual May Day celebration. The college comes together to celebrate the end of the Boston winter, and we participate by dancing around the Maypole. Katie (’20) has lead the May Day dance for two years now. She says “It’s wonderful to combine my love for dance with a long-standing Simmons tradition that has thrived for over 100 years: we still wear pretty white dresses and colorful flower crowns, and of course, dance around the Maypole with its rainbow of flowing ribbons. Through choreographing the Maypole dance, I have had the chance to meet dancers on the company who I have not met before through our regular dances. Dancing around the Maypole with friends who love to dance has been one of my favorite memories at Simmons, and I look forward to the May Day celebrations ahead.”

Back in 2016, we helped the Simmons community open our new athletic space, Daly Field. As Simmons changes and advances, SCDC will be right beside it.


7. Become a leader

Like any org at Simmons, SCDC is run by a student e-board. Our e-board includes Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing Chair, Events Coordinator, and more. Being an e-board member is a way to get more involved in SCDC and gain valuable skills for college and after. Caroline (’19) says “what I love most about being on e-board is being able to see the impact that you have on the SCDC community. It’s totally student run and it’s really awesome to be able to step up to the challenge and see all your hard work come together to make something that is a huge success!”



8. Explore more of Boston

While we are fortunate for our studios to sit in the lovely Fenway neighborhood, we love to get out an explore other parts of our favorite city. Some of our bonding events each year take us on new and interesting adventures around Boston. In the past we’ve gone to Newbury Street and the Boston Common, the Prudential Center, and Kane’s Donuts.




9. Work with renowned choreographers and artists (at no cost to you!)

SCDC has been fortunate to have access to a number of excellent professional dancers. We bring in dancers to hold free workshops and classes for SCDC and all Simmons students. Most recently, we have had the great opportunity to work with DeAnna Pellecchia, a Boston-based artist who had established herself as one of the area’s most prominent dance-makers.



10. Meet your best friends

I owe most of my friendships to SCDC. If I didn’t meet a friend through SCDC, I convinced them to join us the next semester. My SCDC friends understand me like no other, and my college experience would be much less colorful without them.





If this made you want to join SCDC, be on the lookout on campus for information on our Fall Welcome Dinner and All-Inclusive Auditions.


Still need convincing? Check out our Instagram (@scdcdance), Facebook page (Simmons College Dance Company), and Youtube (@simmonscollegedancecompany) to see more of what it’s like to be a part of SCDC.


Have questions? Email us at dance@simmons.edu



Business Management and Marketing student Engagement Chair for Simmons College Dance Company