10 Photos That Prove Rescue Dogs Are Amazing

When looking for a new furry friend, there is often a debate as to whether someone should purchase a dog from a breeder or store, or whether they should adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. This series of photos from an adoption event over the summer by Dog Star Rescue in Connecticut will prove that rescue dogs will be your sweet, fun, adorable furever friend as long as you give them a forever home.


1. This dapper dog will come dashing through your door:

2. This pupper who just wants to play


3. “Yes? Did you say something? I can’t quite ear you!”


4. This sideways sister will steal your heart.


5. This snoot is ready for the booping.


6. *mlem*


7. These happy hounds who are just ready to snuggle all day.


8. Finally, meet Cesara. Cesara is still looking for a forever home and everything about her can be found here.


No matter the doggo, a four-legged friend will love you and just wants their own chew toy. However, perhaps consider adopting before shopping so that these cuties can find a forever home. Thanks to Dog Star Rescue for taking care of the pups shown here, and check your local community for adoptable dogs near you.