This Year, I Set Goals Instead of Resolutions—Here's Why

Every time New Year’s comes along, people are always determined to find a resolution for the year ahead and stick to it for all 365 days. A resolution can be defined as a decision to do or not do something and in the typical case, people try to set one of these for the entire year ahead in hopes of bettering themselves in some way. This year upon thinking about the overall attention that gets brought to resolutions, I decided that instead of making a decision about what to do throughout the year I would make goals for myself instead. Now throughout the year, I have different things to work towards in all aspects of my life for overall improvement and balance!

Bristol working from home scene Photo by Mikey Harris from Unsplash

The stress of creating one resolution can be burdening, especially if there’s something big that you want to focus on in the year ahead such as fitness, work-related topics, and anything else that may come to mind! The most common resolution that everyone talks about is getting in shape, or starting their fitness journey in the year ahead. I find that there is so much pressure put on oneself with the stress of getting started on a certain day, and feeling as if you have to carry through the rest of your year following this decision you made. Whereas instead, if you were to create the goal for yourself to get in better shape, or start eating healthier, it might be easier to incorporate it into your lifestyle as it fits into your schedule, and not see it as a daily pressure in your life. In my personal opinion setting a goal might be easier because it’s something that you’re slowly working towards over the course of the year, and the process is entirely up to you to decide!

Another thing that I think would be more beneficial about setting goals instead of resolutions this year is that you can pick multiple things to strive towards in different aspects of your life, not just one main overarching intention. With multiple goals, it allows you to focus on different things constantly throughout the year, and having something to strive for is always something I find to be motivating. By creating more than one goal for yourself, you give yourself opportunities to focus on more tangible things in different areas of your life and this way you may end up accomplishing more! Even though more goals may sound stressful or like too much to take on, they can be small things you’re looking to accomplish and succeed at over a long period of time. I always find myself stressed when I set a resolution for myself because I’m so heavily focused on one big thing to get done, whereas this year I’ve already found it much easier to manage creating goals for myself and looking for little things to strive toward. 

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

I’m excited for the year ahead simply because of the goals that I’ve set for myself and I look forward to getting closer and closer to achieving them as the year goes on. With multiple small goals to focus on as the year progresses, there’s a higher chance for me to accomplish them one by one and make progress in multiple aspects of my life! Resolutions can still be incredibly helpful in determining one big thing you want to do over the course of the year, but sometimes the notions around them can be intimidating! I’m looking forward to working towards my goals and seeing where the progress takes me once I’ve completed them this year!