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Why You Should Travel with Your Best Friend

Over my winter break, I traveled to Rome, Italy, but I didn’t do it alone. My best friend came with me. For three weeks, we were by each other’s side, trying new things, supporting each other, and making memories together. Anyone who is hoping or planning to travel soon, here are some reasons why you should do it with a friend!

A Built-In Buddy System

There is always safety in numbers. Between pick-pockets and late night walks home, it is important to be alert. Besides personal safety, a friend can remind you to eat lunch when you are caught up in your traveling wonders, to pause and take a breath if you get overwhelmed, and they can help you make difficult decisions (like where to eat). Feeling comfortable and safe while traveling can make a huge difference, allowing you to relax and enjoy the present moment.

Tell You if You’re Crazy (and Then Encourage it)

Traveling, quite often, is a rare opportunity. It can be enticing to plan extraordinary trips or spend lots of money on souvenirs. Sometimes having a friend with you can keep you from spending your money, and sometimes having a friend with you means they can spend their money too. A friend can push you outside of your comfort zone, to try that new food, or sing at that karaoke bar, or go on that spontaneous weekend trip. A friend helps you to ask yourself, “Why not?”.

Share Memories Forever

Making memories is one of the greatest parts of traveling. When you travel with a friend, you get to make those memories with someone else and share those memories with them for the rest of your lives. From major memories like seeing the Colosseum for the first time to memories that resulted in inside jokes no one else will ever understand, they’ll brighten your darkest days. You’ll have stories to take turns telling to your friends when you get back and some stories that will always stay just between you both. When you can’t remember that one waiter’s name who memorized your orders, they’ll remind you. It’s these little things that will keep you going when all you want is to be back abroad.

Someone Understands How Much You Miss It

On days when your heart aches for one more walk down cobblestone streets, one more plane ride, one more authentic meal or one more brand new experience, there is someone who understands that ache. They won’t just smile and tell you that it is nice to have good memories. A friend who traveled with you will reminisce, laugh and cry with you. They’ll understand, and they’ll never stop.

Over my winter break, I traveled to Rome, Italy, but I didn’t do it alone. I traveled with my best friend and it made all the difference. Thank you for the memories Marlie, and for being my life friend. So, where are we going next?

Kelsey Baron is a fourth year student at Siena College, studying as an Interdisciplinary Major specializing in Healthy Intimate Relationships. She lives with her family on Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania, and can often be found reading, writing, singing, or spending time with her friends. Kelsey has a passion for whole person wellness and thinks that ice cream is the best thing to ever happen to humanity other than Jesus Christ.
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