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Why You Should Get Rid of the Negativity in Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

I want you to think about what your life could become. I want you to imagine being the best version of yourself and being the happiest that you have ever been in life. You can achieve your goals and you can have the attitude and outlook on life that you’ve been craving. You can have this by focusing on what you really want and by keeping positive things in your life.Image Source

First, it’s okay to get rid of negative people. I found myself feeling horrible and guilty for spending less time around people that I used to see everyday. I came up with multiple excuses for the change in my behavior. I told people that I was just busy (which is a great excuse), but I was really trying to move away from the constant headache that some people provided me with. Their mood would drag down my mood, and although empathy is something great to have, it can also leave a heavy burden.Gif Source

Leaving behind negative things will give you a new freedom. You won’t have to think about the negative circumstance as much because you won’t be around the situation. You will have time to focus on yourself and be a positive person. It will also give you time enjoy other people in your life who will help you become the best version of yourself.Image Source

Experiencing burn out is very real, and it’s okay to need a break. Your own happiness is important and is necessary in order to keep moving forward in your day-to-day life.  Additionally, more people will be attracted to your new reduced stress outlook. Getting rid of the negativity will feel refreshing and almost like the vacation you can’t afford to go on.Gif Source

Start to enjoy your life and everything great along your journey. Your opinion matters and you deserve to have encouraging people and things around you. Don’t doubt yourself and move forward. Life does not have to be just okay; life can be great.