Why We Are Excited For Summer

Personally, summer is my favorite season and it always has been. There is a certain feeling that comes with summer, something like happiness, freedom, and liveliness. Nature is fully alive and beautiful. Now as a college student, it is a four month stress free break. Here are some major reasons why were excited for summer that I’m sure you’ll all agree with;

1.All of your hometown friends are in the same place

- Hanging out as if you haven’t been apart for months, catching up on one another’s lives, creating more crazy memories together.

2.Home cooked meals

-I think I speak for all of us when I say we are all looking forward to our parents’ cooking and cooking yummy food for ourselves rather than eating at the dining hall all the time.

3.Ice Cream

-Always finding room in your stomach for any kind of ice cream or even froyo, making it a substitute for a lunch or dinner.

4.Netflix binging

-Yeah, it might be nice out, but that won’t stop you from binging on new episodes of your favorite series or horrible one-star movies for fun.

5.Outdoor activities

-Swimming, Frisbee, biking, roller skating, rollerblading, touch football, etc.


-As much as were all dreading the thought of going back to our summer jobs and dealing with rude customers, we are all looking forward to having some money in our pockets all the time.

7.Soaking up all of the vitamin D we can

-Laying out by the pool, the beach, hanging outdoors.


-Maybe not for everyone, but for people who thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, we are all looking forward to being one with nature and having time to truly relax.


-Standing/sitting by fires with friends, making jokes, singing to classic throw backs or popular hits from the radio, indulging in all the snack foods available and having deep conversations about life.


- I think we all can agree that summer concerts are the best types of concerts. You will literally make friends with everyone around you because finding people who share a love for the same music as you is the best type of bond/friendship to have.