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Why Every Girl Needs to Listen to the “Call Her Daddy” Podcast

Every girl has heard the whispers in the halls, be it about themselves or their peers, whispers of body counts, dating histories, with labels of “sluts” and “whores.” These whispers from men and women alike have impacted the way we may view ourselves, view others and impact the way we live our lives. Even if we don’t want to, sometimes we can’t help but let them affect us in this way. Well, on October 3rd, 2018, two young women decided to “knock it tf off,” and created a safe space for women to embrace their sexuality: the good, the bad, and especially the crazy. [bf_image id="qf2s41-6j3xe0-dar8e8"]

For those of you unfamiliar with the podcast, formerly the duo Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, now solely our single father Alex, started the podcast “Call Her Daddy” which shortly after its start was picked up by Barstool. The podcast addresses the girls’ sex lives and discuss tips, tricks, and problems many people face out in the world while playing “the dating game.” The “daddy gang,” the followers of the pod cast, is a unified, family front unlike many other fanbases I have personally seen, especially for a podcast. The podcast takes questions nearly every week from the daddy gang, providing a very personal sense of realness to the content, ranging from those who are very new to dating and embracing their sexuality, to those who are of the upmost savagery.

Although the podcast started out in entertainment/comedy, in her single-father era, Alex has taken the podcast to a whole other level of real. With the variety of hosts, Call Her Daddy has become more and more about addressing mental health, dealing with friendship break ups, the reality of the sex industry and how it affects sex workers, and so much more. Call Her Daddy makes girls and women feel comfortable with their “gut feelings and personal urges,” things that many men and society as a whole have made them insecure about. These types of feelings can include suspicions of cheating, wanting to address potentially uncomfortable topics with your significant other, and even how to approach trying something new in the bedroom. While the podcast produces a lot of female-based content, much of it is directed towards men as well. Call Her Daddy provides male listeners with tips on sex, social media and style, and even insight into the minds of their romantic partners.

The Call Her Daddy podcast is founded about women being able to take charge of their sexuality, where instead of the sex trope of calling a man daddy, she can be a ‘daddy’ too. For any potential future listeners, the podcast drops every Wednesday and you can find it on the podcast app, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Sam is a Junior at Siena College majoring in English with a pre-law certificate and a minor in writing. She loves singing, her dog, and buying clothes she really doesn't need.
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