What to Watch Next on Netflix

Netflix is very popular whether it is binge watching alone, watching with your friend or boyfriend/girlfriend or even Netflix and chill. If you’re bored watching the wonderful movie selection Netflix has to offer and want to start a TV series here are some ideas of good TV shows currently on Netflix.

If you are into comedies:

-Fuller House This time DJ is being helped from Kimmy and Stephanie in raising her sons and Kimmy’s daughter.

Seasons out: 1

-Last Man Standing:  Tim Allen plays a man surrounded by females while trying to live a manly life.

Seasons out: 4

-How I Met Your Mother:  Ted tells a story to his two children about how he met his mother and all the potential women he met before her.

Seasons out: 9

-Friends:  A group of friends surviving their twenties in NYC

Seasons out: 10

-Parks and Rec:  Amy Poehler plays Leslie Knope, who is in charge a small town in Indiana’s parks department.

Seasons out: 7

-The Office:  A group of typical office workers where egos clash and inappropriate behavior occurs

Seasons out: 9 

If you want more of an action packed show:

-The 100: This show takes place 97 years after a nuclear war occurs on earth and humans have found life in a space shuttle. They decide to send 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth to see if it is livable for the rest to come down.

Seasons out: 2

-Dexter: A Miami forensics expert is also a serial killer towards those he believes have escaped justice.

Seasons out: 8 

-Alias:  Sydney Bristow is an international spy freshly out recruited out of college and is very well trained.

Seasons out: 5

-How to Get Away With Murder:  A professor and her law students get involved in a very twisted murder case that flips their lives upside down.

Seasons out: 2

If you like dramas:

-90210: A family from Kansas moves to Beverly Hills where they must fit in with the social drama of Beverly hills.

Seasons out: 5

-One Tree Hill: A bunch of popular high school students going through teenage drama and hard problems at home.

Seasons out: 9

If you want to watch a show about a mystery person terrorizing teenagers:

-Gossip Girl: A blogger receives tips about a bunch teens from the upper east side and makes sure every secret they have is known to the public.

Seasons out: 6

-Pretty Little Liars: Four friend grow closer as a mysterious person, “A”, tortures them and threatens to reveal their darkest secrets.

Seasons out: 6 

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