What It's Like Having a Best Friend on the Other Side of the Atlantic Ocean

When in college it’s normal to not be with your best friends since grade school or even earlier due to going to separate colleges. It is also normal when your college best friend leaves to travel abroad for a semester.

As of the beginning of January my best friend since EVER has been studying in Sevilla, Spain. Even though she has always been far away during the school year, since she goes to St. Michael’s in Vermont, having her in a different country sucks for the following reasons;

1. You can’t just pick up your phone and call her to tell you about a bad day or a good day

Long distance calling costs too much sadly…but I guess you can do calling on “Whatsapp” since that and Facebook messenger are your only forms of communications.

2.       BOYS

You don’t know what guys she’s talking to and if the boys really are nice enough to win your approval of dating your friend…because obviously all guys need to pass the BFF test.

3.       Going home for long breaks aren’t the same

No car rides screaming our lungs out to songs, gossiping, and telling each other everything that happened at school.

4.  Separation issues

Because this is probably the longest you have gone without seeing each other…I mean you can barely get through the two weeks you’re not together in the summer due to family vacations at different times.

But then again there’s some “perks.”

5.       Snapchat

With this being one of the main communication tools, you send each other ugly photos and what you are doing/eating at all times, so her new friends know you are number 1! She can show off to her new friend that you can look so normal yet so disfigured in about .2 seconds.

6.       You’re excellent pen pals

You’ve both decided that you’re actually going to put that experience of pen pals in second grade to use and actually write a proper letter because, let’s face it, you’re both adults now…figuratively lol

7.       Finally getting to see each other after months apart

It’s here, finally; you’re reunited with your other half and life is swell again. Everyone around is in trouble though - there will be lots of screaming, jumping, words spoken that only you two understand, and pictures being taken.

So even though it seems hard now with your best friend on the other side of the world, one day soon it will be over and she will be back conquering the world with you. Hold tight and count down the days till you Netflix binge, drive around town and get loads of ice cream with you bestie.