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What it Means to Say “I’m a Saint”: Why I Chose Siena

[bf_image id="q80kqt-6nyzuw-9fqaur"] If you ask any student at Siena College, “What does it mean to say you’re a Saint?,” you’ll get a wide variety of answers. For me, “I’m a Saint” means that I am part of a community that empowers young minds to reach their full potential.

I’ve often been asked, “Why did you choose Siena?” I usually give a generic answer of “I wanted to be close to my family.” While that might be true, it isn’t the only reason for me choosing this college. But first, let's jump back in time to 1968.

At the time, Siena College was an all-male school with some female staff members. It was then that my grandfather, Michael Bossert, attended this college alongside his older brother, David. Years later, I was still a little girl when my grandfather brought me to campus for a men’s basketball game at the ARC. It was from that moment that I knew that Siena was going to eventually play a role in my education.

Fast forward to today, where I am a Junior English major with and Educational Studies and Spanish minor. Growing up, I always pictured Siena as my “dream school,” the place I wanted to go for college. I wanted to continue the family legacy and follow in my grandfather’s footsteps. That’s why this next event made me feel like I achieved my dream.

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About a year or so, before graduating high school, I got a letter in the mail from Siena College. It was around midnight on Black Friday, and my mom decided to go out to the mailbox with me because, “I feel like I should go with you.” She was the one that opened the box and handed me the letter. I read the words “Tell Your Parents To Get The Camera” on the front of the envelope, and I immediately knew that it was a good sign.

I opened the packet and found a note inside letting me know that I had been accepted to Siena. My mom was in disbelief at first, and once the shock wore off, we messaged my grandparents to share the good news. They were thrilled! When it finally came time to choose my college, I had two other options besides Siena…but I knew that I was going to be a Saint.

“I’m a Saint” became a symbol that I made my dreams a reality, that I was going to follow in my family legacy and become a part of a greater community that embodies the ideology of “hold a door open for someone” and “anything is possible.” Looking back on it now, I truly believe that I made the right decision when choosing where to attend college.

This story is dedicated to everyone who has their own “I’m a Saint” story. This is mine, and I’m sharing it with you all to show that we are one united force. We. Are. Saints!

Kaitlyn Bossert is a Senior English Major with a Educational Studies/Spanish Minor at Siena College. She enjoys writing, reading, and having netflix binge sessions with family and/or friends.
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