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What I Love Most About Being a Siena SAINT!

In short? EVERYTHING! If you told me three years ago when I was applying to schools that I would end up attending Siena, I don’t think I would’ve believed you. After all, the first time I came to the school I didn’t even get out of the car! Now that I am in my Junior year with less than two years left here, I can think of so many things I love about being a Siena Saint! Obviously, everyone has a different college experience, but one of the things I love most about Siena is how my experience is so customized and will be different from every other student here by the end of my four years!

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The number one thing I love most about being a Siena Saint is the community feel that is created on campus, not only by the students, but the faculty and professors as well. No matter where I go, or what building I’m in there’s always at least one person to smile and ask how my day is, whether I know them or not! I’m originally from a small town in Connecticut, where you can walk down the street and know everyone out and about. I loved finding that same feeling here at Siena. The more people I meet, the more fun it is to walk around and say hi to people throughout the day! Having the community feel on a college campus was something important to me while I looked at colleges, and some of the others on my list simply didn’t compare to how I felt visiting Siena’s campus.

Another thing I can’t speak highly enough about at Siena is everything it has to offer me. From an academic perspective to the social aspect, I am always finding new opportunities. Academically Siena is a very hands on campus. The professors want you to get involved both in and outside the classrooms. Opportunities reach from internships, to research projects, to hands on learning activities, to so much more! In the Digital Marketing class that I am in currently, we are learning how to optimize search results for webpages and advertise them by making our own website. We are using Google programs, and gaining certifications that in the end of our course can be added to our LinkedIn profile to boost our portfolio.

Socially, I have found so much to do around campus. Siena is incredible at putting on events that all students will love, such as our bingo nights that causes a line to wrap around our student union an hour before the event even starts! On the weekends, they have offerings both on campus, as well as, off campus that students can get involved in, such as paint nights, roller skating. During the Fall time, Siena transports students to the Field of Horrors in Albany! We also have over 100 clubs that you can join as a student on campus, and it’s an amazing way to meet new people and get involved in things you may not have thought to try before! The athletic games are nothing shy of energetic, especially our men’s basketball team! Students will fill the Times Union Center to see them play, specifically when they make it far in the final rounds of the MAAC tournament!

Of all these things, the one thing I love most about being a Siena Saint is all the amazing people that I have met here over these past two years. From friends, to professors, to faculty members, I can’t put into words how thankful I am for the people I have met along the way! The friendships that I have made at Siena I can truly say will last me for a lifetime. How many people can say that they’re still friends with the people they met the first week of their Freshman year? I know I can! All of the professors that I’ve taken classes with at Siena have been nothing short of superb in terms of the resources they offer to students, the hours they put in outside the classroom to ensure that each student gets the help they need, and of course the conversations about class topics or simply just life! Although it’s repetitive, I can say the same about the faculty members here. The team I work most closely with is the admissions staff, and each and every member brings something more to the table as well as makes work fun! I truly do believe that people make your experience.

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Even though I could go on for much longer, these are the few things I love about being a Siena Saint! College can be hard, but surrounding yourself with the right people in the right place is the most important thing. Siena has become like a second home to me, which is why I’ll be so sad to leave in a little less than two years! Even though the college search process can be hard, it is always important to remember to follow your gut in your decision! You never know where you’ll end up in the end. Go Saints!!

Jess is currently a senior Marketing major with a HR minor and Digital Marketing concentration at Siena College! She is apart of HerCampus, Lost in Sound A cappella, the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi and is a tour guide on campus! Some of her favorite things include the beach, Boston (and their sports teams), Disney, and being with family and friends!
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