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What Club Should You Join at Siena?

One of the great things about Siena is that there’s a club for everyone. With over 80 different clubs, you’re sure to find something that fits your interest. If you weren’t able to make it to the club fair on Friday, or are still unsure about which club to join, read this handy guide to picking the right club(s) for you!

1. If you like academics…

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Siena has a bunch of academic clubs you can join! Try joining the club that corresponds to your major or minor, or branch out a little and try something totally different. These clubs are the right place to be if you love to talk about a certain subject or just like having interesting, thought-provoking conversations! There’s the American Sign Language Club, Biology Club, Economic Students Association, History Club, Philosophy Club, Political Science Society, Study Abroad Club and many more! Check out all the academic clubs Siena has to offer here. (Plus, professors will sometimes give extra credit for attending certain club meetings!)


2. If you’re interested in service…

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Saints are known for their love of service and helping others. Luckily, there are many clubs and organizations on campus that help facilitate this! Try joining Best Buddies, Colleges Against Cancer, e-NABLE, Habitat for Humanity or the Mentoring Program. Plus check out the Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy for more service opportunities.

3. If you want to be a leader…

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Get involved in one of the Student Government Association organizations! These include the Commuter Student Association, Residence Hall Association, Student Senate and Student Events Board. Each organization has different opportunities for you to become more involved on campus and take on a leadership role. You’ll get to have your voice heard on campus and work with students of all majors and years.

4. If you like being active…

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There are a TON of intramural sports clubs open to Siena students. From Equestrian Club to Fitness Club to Club Baseball to Tennis Club, there’s something for everyone. Plus, join the Outing Club to take your adventures to the next level!

5. If you want to learn about different cultures or more about your own…

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There are so many ways to learn about different cultures. One option is to join one of Siena’s many clubs promoting awareness and appreciation of other cultures and other people. Try going to a few meetings of these clubs: Asian Students Association, Black and Latino Student Union, International Students Association, Italian Club, Latinos Unificado Nuestra America (LUNA), Spanish Club, plus more!

6. If you like being creative…

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Let your creativity flow in one of Siena’s numerous creative/performance clubs. Chaotick, SOLID Step Team and Stage III are all great clubs to join if you like performing and using your creative side!


7. If you like writing…

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Do you like to write and share your thoughts with the world? Sign up for English Society, Her Campus Siena, Pendragon, or the Promethean. (Bonus: these all look FANTASTIC on a resume!)

8. If you still can’t find anything…

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Nothing here interests you? Have a unique interest you think others on campus would want to learn more about? Start a new club!


Emily is a triple-major in Political Science, Philosophy, and a self-designed interdisciplinary major in Gender and Sexuality Theory and Activism. Her future career aspirations include working for a feminist organization and fighting for equality for all. 
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