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The Way to Love Your Period (A DivaCup Solution)

Believe it or not, there’s another option besides sanitary napkins and tampons for period care. It’s a menstrual cup. It is a silicone cup that you can wash and reuse for years! Personally, I’ve switched over to the Diva Cup in April and it has been such an uplifting experience. I was hesitant about trying it, because I couldn’t find many people who have tried it before. In order to inform the curious gals out there about this option, here are some friends’ experiences:

“The DivaCup was my best decision in 2016! I don’t think I was ever aware of how much waste my period produced until it suddenly stopped—there was no plastic applicator, no dry and uncomfortable cotton, no plastic wrapping for the actual tampon or pad! While the first few applications were difficult, once I got the hang of insertion it was like it disappeared. I didn’t feel like I was on my period and I could go longer lengths of time in between emptying the cup, so it didn’t interrupt my normal daily activity.” – Nkechi

“As a self-proclaimed environmental nerd striving to save the planet, tampons always posed a personal problem for me. I mean, I couldn’t just not use them (what a mess), but that was a heck of a lot of cotton and plastic to be throwing away. To top it all off, the price of those adds up, and there are some things I’d much rather spend 8-10 dollars on once a month (like pizza or ice cream when the cravings hit hard). My diva cup lets me reduce the waste I put out to the planet, and makes my life a lot easier. Admittedly, I was worried it would look like a murder scene and feel super uncomfortable, but I don’t notice it at all, and using it is a piece of cake. The added bonus? The mess I was so worried about, there isn’t any.” – Marley

There are a lot of perks and pros of using a menstrual cup versus other period care products. It is cheaper. Opposed to the box-a-month or so practicality of tampons, you only have to buy one for up to 5 years, according to some reviews. As my friends mentioned, it is better for the environment (next to zero waste) and the body (no TSS to worry about). A personal perk is that it makes me feel so much closer to myself and destigmatizes the “disgusting” and “unsanitary” nature of periods.

For me, the Diva Cup certainly saved me from awkward questions and uncomfortable situations while abroad. I was in India, living with a Jain family. They told me that I should let them know when I was menstruating because I wasn’t allowed to get my own drinking water or touch the gas or food during that time. I completely wanted to respect and obey their house rules and culture, so I did so. However, I did not feel comfortable enough with the family to ask the women how they take care of their own periods. I did not want to overstep boundaries or make them uneasy. Thus, instead of worrying about where and how to dispose of my period trash, I used the Diva Cup and rinsed it with drinking water. I felt comfortable in my current situation, I felt like I could embrace my period without it hindering my experience abroad. At home, I use it too. I love how inexpensive and freeing it is. If you are unhappy with your period experience, definitely check it out!

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