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Valerie Zeffiro Campus Cutie!

Name:  Valerie Zeffiro

Major: Biology BS & Spanish BA

Year: Senior (2016)

Hometown:  Long Island, NY

Relationship Status: in a relationship


HC: Who is your favorite celebrity and why?

Adam Sandler: he’s always been consistently funny and takes on any and every role he is given, playing it well. 


HC: What is your dream date?

A delicious dinner out at Melting Pot, followed by some fun Dave & Buster’s play, then coming back to watch Netflix and relax!


HC: What is your favorite quality in a guy?

His genuine personality and care about your interests and life


HC: Favorite vacation spot?


HC: Favorite movie?



HC: Favorite song?

“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” by Katy Perry


HC: Favorite food?

Mac & Cheese


HC: What is your favorite thing about Siena?

 The tight-knit community feel

HC: What is some advice you can give to an incoming Siena student?

Get involved in anything and everything that interests you, make some great connections and friends, be open to change and evolving as a person, and most importantly do what you love!


HC: What is the most exciting thing to happen to you during your four years at Siena?

Meeting & having amazing friends and the most supportive boyfriend, adding Spanish as another major, and deciding to pursue the PA career path (couldn’t pick just one, sorry!)


HC: Fun Facts about yourself: 

I like to sing, am a tour guide at Siena, can speak Spanish pretty fluently, studied abroad in Spain two summers ago, traveled on a medical mission to Guatemala, and am an only child! 


My name is Nora Gleason, I am currently a senior at Siena College. I enjoy writing, communications, traveling and hanging out with my friends. I hope you enjoy the articles I post and if you ever need to contact me feel free too! 
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