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Trendy Fall Fashion Accessories

Everyday Trendy Fall Fashion Accessories:


Because I have outrageously curly hair, scarfs usually don’t work for me so I have been trying out a new way to wear plaid this fall and I think I may have found my match. Meet the ruana. It’s almost like a hybrid of a poncho and a kimono that could be worn on top of dresses, skirts, anything!

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Alright, I know the connotation that fishnets have but you can totally dress them up in a way that looks super cute. Wear them under cute skirts and sweaters, or under your favorite dress and some sock booties.  



Not going to lie, whenever I see berets I always think of Jamie from Mythbusters. Is that just me? Probably. Anyways, they are very trendy for the fall and you’ll be seeing my roommate (Her Campus Siena CC Emma) rocking one around campus for the next few months. This little French accessory will instantly top off any outfit (pun intended).

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Whether you’re wearing it on your ears or around your neck, this stone is definitely popular this fall. Its reflective rainbow colors will add to any cute outfit!



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