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Top 5 Winter Trends You’re Bound to See Every Time You Leave Your Dorm Room at Siena

Siena itself is a singular community with a distinct culture all its own stuffed with Franciscan principles, unique cuisine and warm apparel. Due to the nearly glacial upstate winter winds, several snug yet trendy fashion pieces have come to be essential staples in the common Siena student’s wardrobe. These various fashion pieces have infected more bodies at Siena College than the common cold this season and you’re bound to see dozens of them on your way to class this winter.

1. The long puffy North Face that functions as a full body heater


2. A stylish infinity scarf to add color and extra warmth to the long North Face look



3. The timeless and classic Ugg boot



4. For the slushier, snow filled days there are the water resistant L.L. Bean “Bean Boots”



5. Spirited collegiate pompom hats


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