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Top 5 Things Your Biology Major Friends Say

As a freshman at Siena, I am constantly surrounded by biology majors. I myself am not a biology major, but 85% of the people I know are. Since I’ve been around them so much, I have picked up on the top things that I have heard them say.

5. How was the quiz?

The amount of times that I’ve heard this makes me wonder if they actually teach you anything in class. It seems as if you go to class/lab just to take quizzes. Image Source

4. Have you done the Sapling yet?

Biology majors seem to be making “multiple attempts” on this such homework website, that more often than not “does not make any sense.”

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3. Did you do the lab yet?

Most biology majors take multiple science labs a semester, which seems like a lot of hard work. That is why they are constantly checking answers, or getting data from one another. Image Source

2. If only I was a _______ major.

We all know the stereotypical easy majors that don’t have any homework ever. Either you are in this major and you can slide by without doing much work, or you talk about how great it would be if you were in this major so you wouldn’t have to do any work. Image Source

#1. I’m a biology major.

Biology majors love to tell people that they are a biology major. A typical response to this statement is “Omg me too.”  

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