Thoughts On The Weeknd's New Album

The Weeknd’s new album has just been released, and I am already loving it! There are so many tracks that I fell in love with immediately. The way I first listen to an album once it’s released is by tapping through each of the songs one by one to decide if I initially like the vibe of the song, then go to the chorus. If I like the song after the first 15-20 seconds, I add it to the playlist I listen to the most. If I’m not a huge fan of the song initially but it has a strong chorus, I still add it to my playlist.

  1. 1. Blinding Lights

    Starting with one of the singles he released before the album, "Blinding Lights" is a favorite of mine out of all his music. For the most part, The Weeknd’s music is on the slower side, so I really enjoyed listening to this upbeat song. It’s definitely a song that will get stuck in your head and you’ll be singing to yourself for a while after listening to it.

  2. 2. In Your Eyes

    Going through the album one at a time, I noticed there was a different sound for some of his songs. One that really stuck out to me as interesting was "In Your Eyes." He also just released a music video for this song which is different, to say the least. The song itself gives me very 80's vibes, which I love paired with his voice, and is perfect because I’ve always said he sounds a lot like Michael Jackson.

  3. 3. Hardest To Love

    I’ve always loved listening to music that has a deeper meaning besides just trying to sound good. The song, "Hardest To Love," stood out to me when I was listening to it because I can relate to it. Listening to the song, you understand what The Weeknd has gone through in his relationship and the struggles he has had in them. Anyone who has been in a relationship before would be able to relate to this song, which I feel is extremely important when creating music - connecting to others.

  4. 4. Save Your Tears

    Another song that I enjoyed right away was "Save Your Tears," which is not very slow and has a strong beat and chorus that is catchy. This song is also about the struggles of being in a relationship, the main chorus stating: “Save your tears for another day.” To me, this meant the person he was singing about shouldn’t cry about their relationship being over because there are other things to worry about.

  5. 5. Scared To Live

    break up

    The last song I’ll mention that was on the slower side and was extremely pretty was "Scared To Live." It’s about holding someone back in a relationship but then after it’s over, wanting the person to have the best in life and not be “scared to live” again without them. The chorus is beautiful and the entire song shows that even after a relationship is over you can still want the best for that person.

Go listen to The Weeknd’s new album, it’s amazing! There are 14 total songs on the album, and you can find them on Spotify or Apple Music.