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Things To Do To Celebrate Valentine’s Day (As a Single Lady)

So Valentine’s Day is usually something that either you love or something that you hate.  I am here to show y’all who hate it that it can actually be quite fun. It’s an excuse to treat yo-self and have a day of relaxing with either your best friends or your SO, because, in reality, it’s just another day!


1. Go see Fifty Shades

This may not be everyone’s favorite type of movie but it’s a good flick to see with all of the girls and you’ll probably see half of the female population that you know in the same theater as you.


2. Bottle to the face

Valentine’s Day is just really an excuse to chug your favorite rose or pink moscato, whether you’re single or not. Take advantage of it. 


3. Cookie Dough, wine, and a movie

If you want some food with your bottle, try eating some cookie dough because who has ever been upset while eating a fine batch of cookie dough?


4. Go out and find a Valentine

For the more adventurous of us, go out to a bar, mall, anywhere, and find a Valentine. Go and try out your new favorite pickup line!


5. Confess your love to your crush / Surprise your SO


6. In the fashion of Leslie Knope, celebrate Galentine’s Day

Have a nice spa day with your gals and then top it off with a nice dinner.


7. Perhaps the best, go out to Walmart/CVS/Target and get you some half priced candy the next day

It’s a win-win.


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