Thanksgiving Traditions That You Can Start With Your Own Family

Participating in traditions with family can be one of the most fun and memorable parts of the holiday!

Here are some traditions that you can start doing with your own family:

1. Watch the Thanksgiving Day parade together!

This is an entertaining tradition that will get you into the spirit of the holiday season.

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2. Decorate the house for Thanksgiving with decor or crafts

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3. Make some delicious desserts with family that are festive for Thanksgiving.

The process of making the desserts can be fun and everyone gets a delicious reward afterwards.

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4. Making a wish off of the wishbone.

This is a tradition where two family members pull apart the wishbone together. Whoever pulls apart the larger piece of the wishbone will have their wish come true!

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5. Play a board game with family.

To make it more interesting, whoever wins the game gets to have the first piece of pie when dessert is served.

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